About the Sentrel Team

Sentrel manufactures a range of vertically tensioned cable balustrades and pool fencing for both the domestic and commercial markets. Our products incorporate a sensitive yet functional combination of marine-grade stainless steel and beautiful hardwood rails or aluminium rails in a range of modern colours.

Inspired by the horizontal cable systems that have been popular and effective for many years, Sentrel balustrades utilise a vertical orientation of the cables. Consequently we have produced a barrier system that not only looks great but one that cannot be climbed by children. This satisfies strict new safety legislation.

Sentrel pool fencing retains all of the stunning features of the balustrade products and enables the use of cable fencing around pools for the first time. The options available to pool owners when it comes to pool fencing have been seriously limited. Now with Sentrel’s NATA certified system, you can have a stylish look that does not limit airflow or require the cleaning that glass necessitates.

Our products have been developed by a dedicated team of designers and embody the company values of efficiency, beauty and simplicity, backed up by exceptional customer service. Original and safe, Sentrel balustrades and pool fences add immediate interest and value to your design project or property investment.Sentrel Australia Pty Ltd is a small, privately owned Australian company involved in the business of manufacturing a unique range of vertical cable balustrades and pool fencing.

Founded in early 2007 by Brett Harrison, now Managing Director, it has grown steadily over the years to become a successful small business. "We attribute our success largely to the fact that we offer a beautiful, unique product ... and customer service is our highest priority".

Brett Harrison has an Industrial Design qualification, and has worked for over twenty five years in the industry building models and prototypes to help bring new ideas into reality. He has worked extensively with Architects and Designers – including 1 year with the New Parliament House Architects developing ideas & prototypes for the interior fit out – and several years in the film industry helping create models and special effects in movies including The Matrix, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge and Mission Impossible. Although still actively involved in the business, Brett's passion now is in helping people live the best life possible. You can learn more about this here.

After leaving those industries and moving to the country, the challenge was to create a lifestyle independent of the city. Brett identified an opportunity in the building industry for a new tensioned-cable balustrade system to replace horizontal cable systems that were climbable and fundamentally unsafe. Making the first prototype of a Vertical Cable Balustrade in his father's shed, then creating a brochure by photo-shopping and repeating the image over an attractive background, he cold-called on the nearest building site and managed to sell the system immediately. Sentrel was born.

In the search for a manufacturer, Brett remembered someone telling him about an amazing factory nearby that was able to "put a log in one end and display a piece of fine furniture at the other'. Sure enough, this was true. Sentrel partnered with Bagowoodworks and together it has proved a winning combination. With the technical expertise and direction from owner, Jarrod Butlin, and with the devotion and incredible perfectionism of Jenette Harvey, Production Manager, Sentrel is able to confidently offer a consistently high quality product.

In 2010 Sentrel ran a competition to win $6,000 worth of balustrade or pool fencing. A hilarious entry from Jennifer Fair won the comp and she fell in love with everything about the product. As an experienced interior designer and sales representative Jen wanted to join the team. She brought fresh energy, sales skills and unfathomable enthusiasm to the table which gave the company a more professional, personable touch and helped Sentrel increase market share. Jen is now the front of Sentrel, and a much valued member of the company.