The use of balustrades and pool fencing around decks, balconies, lofts, and pools is a legal requirement in Australia. To ensure a strong, lightweight, attractive solution to these requirements, there is no better material than aluminium. The production of aluminium, however, is very energy intensive and therefore has a notable environmental impact.

With a strong sense of respect for the environment, coupled with the awareness that the use of aluminium is unavoidable in our modern world, Sentrel takes responsibility in the following ways:

  • Our factory is 100% solar powered. We run a 35 kW system with 72 kWh of battery storage
  • We prioritise efficient use of materials and ALL waste is recycled

A positive attribute of aluminium is that it is infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality. Recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy and emits 5% of the greenhouse gas required for the primary production of aluminium from ore.

Powder Coat

All our aluminium products are finished in high quality powder coat. Powder coating is a finishing process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to a surface as a free-floating, dry powder. It is then baked to cure as a hard durable finish that can resist chipping, scratching, corrosion, weathering, chemicals and fading.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, powder coating is a relatively ‘green’ process. It meets or exceeds many national environmental protection standards. One of the key advantages it has over other finishing processes is how safe it is for the environment and for the people who work with it.

Unlike traditional solvent-based wet paint, powder coating doesn’t generate harmful solvents or airborne pollutants. The powders are non-toxic, non-volatile, and completely safe at all stages of use. It has no known short or long-term health dangers and does not cause any risk of fire or other workplace hazards.

Here are a few other impressive qualities of powder coats:

  • No volatile organic compounds or solvents, means they can be safely disposed of
  • Overspray of powder can be collected to be used again, maximising efficiency
  • The use of powder coats has an extremely low impact on the earth’s atmosphere
  • Lower energy costs and reduced disposal costs
  • Not classified as a spill hazard, therefore do not require special storage facilities

Stainless steel

After aluminium, stainless steel is the next material of high use in the manufacture of Sentrel Balustrades and Pool Fences. Once again, this material is a logical and necessary choice to assure a strong, safe, and durable product for our customers.

You might be pleased to hear that stainless steel is considered in the industry as a ‘green’ material, because it is 100% recyclable and a preferred raw material input by steel makers. The production of stainless steel incorporates high levels of scrap use (as high as 80% in some cases). New stainless steel comprises at least 50% recycled material and more than half the stainless steel produced today has already been enjoyed as other useful products in the past.

Due to its low toxicity, no detrimental effect to the soil or ground water is expected when stainless steel waste does find its way into landfill or other disposal sites.

In Summary

Supplying a strong, compliant, quality product to market is the core of Sentrel’s business. There is no way of avoiding the use of modern materials to achieve this outcome and satisfy stringent regulations.

As a company who holds environmental care as a high value, finding the balance can be challenging. Between running our factory directly from the sun, minimising waste and recycling our offcuts, we have reduced our carbon footprint to the lowest possible in the industry.