Glass vs Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades

The Australian climate can be extreme, from subzero temperatures in the south to 40+ Degree (Celsius) heat in the north, clearly a one type fits all approach to balustrades for your home may seem impossible. Similarly, Australian’s can often experience 2 or even 4 seasons in one day – with winds and storms capable of making you go from wearing shorts and a singlet to rugging up in your jeans and a jumper.

Building your home to work with your environment is therefore extremely important to ensure you can maintain comfort and enjoy the best of your surrounding landscape.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades are most common in external home environments where encouraging a breeze onto your verandah is not high on the home owners priority list but being able to enjoy the view is. Beach side high rise apartments tend to take this approach because the ocean breeze is often easily encouraged to flow through the apartment or the breeze can turn into more of a unexpected blustering wind.

Of course the salty air does make owning a glass balustrade less enjoyable due to having to constantly clean it to keep enjoying that pristine view. Reflecting sun into your home can also be of concern not to mention birds often collide with the invisible wall put in front of them. 

What if there was a balustrade that ticked all the boxes? You could enjoy the view, encourage a breeze through your home, throw away your glass cleaning products, keep the kids and the grandkids safe, keep your local fauna a little safer and fit in with the beautiful Australian landscape.

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrades

Stainless steel wire balustrades have become a very popular choice for all homeowners looking to achieve this balance. However the one very important fact remains, is that safety must be put at the top of the list for any verandah or platform which has more than a 1 metre drop from the edge. Horizontal stainless steel wire balustrades don’t offer this level of safety and can be climbed by children.

Stainless Steel Vertical Wire Balustrades

Safe, auto-tensioning, low maintenance stainless steel vertical wire balustrades are arguably the best product for any Australian home regardless of the style of home you live in.

This is made possible by Sentrel’s proprietary products coming in both timber rail and aluminium railing options.

We think it’s safe to say that many of us would love to install and forget our balustrades and not have to constantly maintain their look and their safety.

Sentrel offer both an aluminium and a hardwood rail option which are almost identical in their makeup but they both mean that matching the right look to your home is simple.

The aluminium rail and post, vertical stainless steel wire system is maintenance free. Simply choose your powder coated colour, install and the self-tensioning wire cables will keep you and your family safe for years.

The timber option balustrade has the rail and posts made from hardwood and vertical wire cables are easily tensioned. Some settling into your local environment will require you to re-tension wires approximately 1 month from installation but then only annually from there on. 

So would you choose Glass or Vertical Wire Balustrade? 

Of course we’re going to show some bias to the vertical wire balustrade because not only do we love our product but so do our customers. And to be honest, we hate cleaning and love a nice cool breeze.

Sentrel’s aluminium system is zero maintenance and the timber system will require some re-oiling and re-tensioning, albeit infrequent. Both systems meet Australian standards and have been extremely popular for both rural properties and coastal homes.

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