A high value of Sentrel is the health and wellbeing of our planet and all the living creatures on it. Accordingly, it has always been the company’s intention to somehow involve itself in alignment with this value – to give back and help where it can rather than only maximise profits for the sake of it, as our current economic model seems to both worship and encourage. It is our view that whilst an efficient economy is a marker of a healthy society, the unchecked mindset of economic growth at all costs is unsustainable and is beginning to present some seemingly insurmountable problems for humanity. Our intention is to help turn this around before it is too late.

When starting a company from scratch, however, there is little opportunity to achieve such a humanitarian goal when all the efforts and money are geared toward creating a functional business that consistently produces a quality product. But now – as a well-established company in the marketplace – Sentrel is positioned to contribute as intended. We are delighted to announce the birth of our philanthropic organisation – SHALL (Small House and Land Lease) project.

We are excited to be the founders and operators of this great incentive intended to tackle what is perhaps one of the most important areas of concern for human beings today – housing. The gap between those of us who can own or afford homes and those who cannot is expanding at an alarming rate. To have a home is a basic human right, and the foundation for mental and physical wellbeing. In our view, it is unfair and unacceptable that for an increasing number of people today this possibility is evaporating. Urgent action is required.

The first objective of the SHALL project aims to provide an affordable tiny house and land living opportunity to qualifying persons. This will be achieved through sponsoring our Managing Director to design and build a stylish, quality, tiny house prototype that will ultimately be available for $50,000 or less to qualifying persons. Upon completion of the prototype, our intention is to partner with suppliers who in themselves operate successful businesses and can align with the goals and sentiment of SHALL to help secure this sale price. Further, the project will be seeking benefactors and sponsors to help achieve the organisation’s ultimate goal – to house and help create a happy life for everyone.

In conjunction, the project aims to find and secure sites for these tiny houses through collaboration with landowners and councils across Australia. All up, The SHALL project is a big undertaking, but one that is sound and necessary. We believe it can be done.

For more information, updates, enquiries, or to register your interest in the project, please go to shallproject.org