Sentrel Vertical Cable Timber Balustrades

Sentrel has re-defined the purpose, practicality and design of traditional wire balustrade systems. Whilst horizontal tensioned balustrade installations have been a popular choice for years, they are now identified as being dangerous as a climbing hazard. Consequently, new regulations have made using these products difficult and more expensive to install. Many more cables and regular vertical spacers are now required, and it is no longer possible to use horizontal cable balustrade over 4 metres.

Sentrel has resolved these issues to create a safe, attractive and ready to install vertical cable system that meets current Australian Standards. Timber Vertical Cable Balustrade add a unique and stylish touch to your balcony, deck or loft. Our award-winning, Australian made design incorporates hardwood balustrade rails with vertically tensioned cables manufactured from 316 marine-grade stainless steel.

Our products are manufactured as finished panels delivered to site, ensuring maximum flexibility and minimum installation time.

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Call Sentrel today on 1300 658 330 or contact us for an obligation free quotation!

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